Sodexo reaches a national network of 11.500 partner stores for Gusto Pass meal card payment

Around 35% of the Gusto Pass meal vouchers are issued in electronic format

Contactless payments represent 80% of all transactions made with Gusto Pass meal cards


Sodexo reaches approximately 11,500 partner stores for Gusto Pass meal cards and it has the broadest network of retail and HORECA units to accept payments with electronic meal vouchers, covering over 85% the entire territory of Romania.

Since the release of Gusto Pass electronic meal vouchers on the Romanian market, Sodexo has dispensed approximatively 240.000 cards to employees working in partner companies from industries such as IT, Telecommunications, e-Commerce, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and call center, automotive, consumer goods, transportation. Out of the total number of meal vouchers currently issued by Sodexo, almost 35% are in card format.

“Introducing and spreading the use of Gusto Pass meal cards continue to bring a series of advantages both for the benefits of companies who have chosen this format, helping them to reduce logistical effort by eliminating the personal distribution of vouchers and for the employees who now have an alternative that is simple and up-to-date with digitalization trends to pay for meals at restaurants, catering companies, canteens or for food at merchants.

In this direction of processes digitalization, including the card payment, electronic meal vouchers contribute to the education of the market, of both the merchants, who are using a POS to accept the meal card payment and of employees who, in this context, are changing their behavior of using in particularly cash” says Sven Marinus, CEO Sodexo Sodexo Benefits & Rewards Services Romania.

Meal cards do not allow cash withdrawals from ATMs, so employees who use them are more likely to maintain the behavior to make card payments including other types of cards.

The Sodexo Gusto Pass electronic meal vouchers, issued under the MasterCard license, are contactless and are using the chip & pin technology. Contactless payments make up for 80% of the total number of transactions undergone by using the Sodexo Gusto Pass meal cards.

"We are continuously expanding our affiliated network for both printed and electronic meal vouchers, thus maintaining our place as market leaders and we also desire to offer extended coverage while providing the best and most diverse options of using the Gusto Pass electronic meal vouchers in the largest hypermarket and supermarket chains, restaurants and other locations that serve food. Those aspects have been a priority for Sodexo starting from the very moment Gusto Pass card was developed, under the positioning of `Technology for Humans`”,  says Adina Popa, Marketing and Development Director at Sodexo Benefits & Rewards Romania.

The Sodexo Gusto Pass electronic meal vouchers can be used in all large retail chains and in the HoReCa industry, in units such as Ana Pan, City Grill, Interbelic, Pizza Hut, Salad Box, Subway, Starbucks and many others, as well as proximal stores. The entire Sodexo network can be viewed at or

The electronic meal vouchers follow the same fiscal rules as the paper meal vouchers. Therefore, by using either format of Sodexo’s Gusto Pass meal vouchers, the employer enjoy 100% deductibility and exemption from taxes. The current maximum nominal value of the meal voucher is 15,09 lei.

Worldwide, Sodexo group offers 65%-70% of its vouchers on cards.

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