Sodexo Romania acquired the last package of shares for 7card. Andrei Cretu, Iulian Circiumaru and Catalin Ivascu, co-founders of this brand, are stepping out as shareholders but remain in the management team of 7card

Bucharest, august 2019 – Sodexo Romania finished acquiring this month the last package of shares for 7card, a transaction that started in 2016, with 20% of the shares and continued in 2017 with another 40% of shares. This way, Sodexo becomes the biggest supplier for corporate subscriptions related to sport and wellness in Romania.

Benefit Seven, who registered last year a 7 mil. Euro turnover, was set up in 2011 by Andrei Crețu, Iulian Cîrciumaru and Cătălin Ivașcu, who introduced the concept of unique subscriptions with multiple entrances to many sports and wellness centers. Today, the 7card subscribers have access to a network of almost 700 sports centers, approx. 70% of the total sports and wellness centers in Romania.

"The transaction we successful finished today consolidates the market of extra salary benefits and allows us to offer to companies in Romania more support in accomplishing their programs of high fidelity and employees retention. The integration of 7card among our services, implemented on a daily basis in the last 3 years, diversifies Sodexo Romania's offer for improving the daily quality of life of employees and companies' performance", says Sven Marinus, CEO Sodexo Benefits & Rewards Services Romania.

The management of Benefit Seven will continue to be done by the 2 of the co-founders, Andrei Cretu and Catalin Ivascu, who will be further involved in promoting the access to movement and entertaining activities for employees in Romania.

“We stay close to 7card and develop the company together with Sodexo. Even if Iulian is no longer actively involved in company’s management, he will support us anytime we need. We are happy to see that in 7 years 7card grew so much and we reached over 40.000 active subscribers. We like to think that we convinced the employees that sport is a benefic activity and in the same time we convinced the companies that an employee who receives benefits has a better retention rate”, says Andrei Cretu, co-founder 7card.

When Sodexo Romania first acquired 20% of the shares, in 2016, 7card had over 16.000 active subscribers, more than 680 partner companies and almost 370 gyms in the network. Today, there are over 42.000 active subscribers, more than 1.800 companies and almost 700 gyms, 7card having a national coverage (see the table below).

According to an internal study made by 7card who looked at the activity of the subscribers for the whole last year, when the transaction was finished, we can say that in 2018 the network had the most intense activity, the users gathering more than 1.863.000 movement hours, which equals 77.527 days and 213 years.

“In august 2019, the 7card network covers 70% of the total gyms in Romania, which makes it the largest in Romania. In the same time, makes the 7card subscription one of the most valuable extra salary benefits. After Sodexo stepped in 100%, the things are performing to a level we never anticipated back in the first years of Benefit Seven, but a level which, of course, is making us very happy”, says Andrei Cretu.

7card network offers a huge variety of activities for body caring and relaxation. The study mentioned above shows that the most active employees in 2018 are working in industries such as software service, automotive and auto components, FMCG, public administration and retail.

About Sodexo Romania (boiler plate Sodexo)   Sodexo Romania is part of the Sodexo Group, a global leader in services that improve Quality of Life with 460.000 employees in 72 countries and also the 19th largest employer worldwide. The company is active in Romania for more than 20 years providing clients an integrated employee beneits offering, with the same mission and values. Sodexo services are accessed by more than 25,000 companies and 1.5 milion employees.

About Benefit Seven and 7card Benefit Seven was set up in 2011 by Andrei Crețu, Iulian Cîrciumaru and Cătălin Ivașcu, who introduced the concept of unique subscriptions with multiple entrances to many sports and wellness centers. In 7 years of activity, 7card network grew rapidly, today counting almost 700 gyms all over the country and a total number of +40.000 subscribers. In 2018, the company had a 7 million euro turnover, with 50% more than last year.

In February 2016, Sodexo, world leader in services that improve quality of life, enters as a shareholder in Benefit Seven.

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