Sodexo takes a majority stake in Benefit Seven

Sodexo takes  a majority stake in Benefit Seven, the company that owns the 7card service, and has become the largest provider of leisure, sports and wellness corporate subscriptions in Romania.  
  • The transaction, in which Sodexo increased its share from 20 to 60% of Benefit Seven, was completed in 17th of July 2017
  • Benefit Seven recorded sales of 2.6 million euros last year, up 60% over 2015
  sodexo, benefit seven, 7card   Bucharest, July 17th, 2017  – Sodexo increased its stake to 60% of the shares of Benefit Seven, a company that owns 7card service and is the largest provider of leisure, sports and wellness subscriptions for Romanian employees. The transaction between the two companies was completed in July 17th of the current year, after Sodexo  has stepped into the capital of Benefit Seven in 2016 with 20% of the shares.   Benefit Seven Company was founded in 2011 with three shareholders: Andrei Cretu, Iulian Circiumaru and Catalin Ivascu. They brought in Romania the concept of unique subscription that offers access to a network of leisure sports and wellness centers.   Benefit Seven's management will continue to be assured by the founders of the business, who will remain involved in encouraging Romanian companies to facilitate access to sport and leisure activities to their Romanian employees.   "We have seen the potential of this extra-salary benefit – actually is a reward for employees - right from the beginning of our collaboration with the founders of Benefit Seven, and over the past year and a half we have worked together to improve and diversify our services. The decision to purchase the majority stake of Benefit Seven is a natural step in the development of Sodexo’s portfolio of solutions for quality of life", said Sven Marinus, CEO of Sodexo Benefits & Rewards Services Romania.   By integrating 7card into its dedicated solutions for companies of all sizes, Sodexo offers attractive benefits to motivate and retain the employees, and diversifies its portfolio of solutions to improve the quality of everyday life of employees and the performance of companies.   "Through the partnership with Sodexo, 7card will benefit from the advantages and the resources offered by the largest provider of extra-salary benefits in Romania, including the opportunity to access the largest database of companies that want to offer solutions to their employees to improve their life. This is already visible in the sales evolution recorded by Benefit Seven during the first half of this year", said Andrei Cretu, co-founder.   In 2016, Benefit Seven registered a fiscal value of 2.6 million euros, up to more than 60% over the previous year. For the current year, the company expects to maintain the sales growth trend, up to 4.5 million euros. Now, the number of Benefit Seven’s customers is over 900 companies and is steadily growing. The 7card has over 25,000 active subscribers, who are working in companies in areas such as IT & C, telecommunications, pharma and healthcare, retail, financial-banking and insurance system, professional services, manufacturing, FMCG. 7card operates in the form of a monthly subscription that allows access to over 700 sports clubs in 35 cities, at a lower price than the price of a subscription to an individual gym. All sports centers offer a wide range of activities, over 40, including fitness, squash, zumba, kangoo jumps, rebound, aerobics, pilates, yoga, tennis, swimming and access to pools, dancing, martial arts, bicycle rental and many more.  

Sodexo in Romania

From 1998, the Romanian Sodexo Group, which currently has 1,470 employees, offers services that improve Quality of Life: - Benefits for Employees: - Incentive Programs - Public Benefits - Food / catering services - Facilities’ Management  

Sodexo, world leader in Quality of Life Services:

The Sodexo Company, the 19th worldwide employer, was founded in 1966 by Pierre Bellon, in Marseille, France and is the global leader in services that improves Quality of Life. Operating in 80 countries, the Group’s 420,000 colleagues are sharing the same passion in offering services. Sodexo trust that a better quality of life increases the satisfaction and motivation of individuals, thus playing an important role in the organizations’ performance, which are our strategic partners.  

Key figures

• 18 billion euro in consolidated revenues • 420,000 employees • 80 countries • 32.700 sites • 75 million consumers served daily
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