Discover the benefits of your store or restaurant

  • More store traffic

    Employees who receive meal vouchers from the employer will only choose the stores where they are accepted. If the store does not accept payment with mass vouchers, the number of clients is limited.

  • Customer loyalty

    Once customers know they can pay with the vouchers they receive as extra-salary benefits, they will always choose to come back to the same store.

  • Increased visibility

    After the integration into the Sodexo network, people who want to make purchases with lunch vouchers will be able to search for merchants that accept vouchers through MySodexo app, so the stores that are part of this network will be more visible to potential customers.

  • Increased turnover

    People who receive meal vouchers as a benefit make more purchases. This translates into higher revenues for merchants.

  • Easier administration and reimbursement

    Sodexo partners benefit from some very simple tools easy to use and are very useful in reimbursing, billing and more.

  • Do you want to become a Sodexo partner?

    Join our Affiliate Network that accepts payment with Sodexo cards and vouchers!

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