PRIMUL PASS – Nursery Vouchers

Nursery Vouchers – a fringe benefit dedicated to the new parents

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Primul Pass, nursery vouchers

The nursery vouchers are...

A convincing method to determine your employees to return to work shortly after becoming parents.

When employees return to work shortly after becoming parents, you don’t need to recruit, integrate and train new temporary staff members.
Consequently, you avoid the costs of recruitment and integration of temporary workers and also the expenses required to requalify employees who return to work after a long absence.


Amounts offered in nursery vouchers are 100% deductible and exempted from the taxes related to salary.


Employees who receive Primul Pass nursery vouchers are exempted from the taxes related to salary for the respective amounts

About Primul Pass

  • Nursery vouchers are the extra-wage benefit that employers can use to encourage employees to return earlier from parental leave.

  • Like gift vouchers, they have a favorable tax regime and increase the purchasing power of fresh parents, while being a useful tool for the employer.

I want to offer vouchers

The system by which any firm can offer nursery vouchers to employees is very simple:

The company buys the vouchers from Sodexo and offers them to the designated employees

The receiving beneficiaries use the Primul Pass vouchers in different stores

Merchants reimburse the nursery vouchers and we pay them for the value

Beneficiaries advantages

  • With Sodexo nursery vouchers, each customer has the freedom to choose the desired items from a network of approximately 67,000 stores across the country.

  • Employees who choose to shorten their parental leave receive the salary, the monthly incentive to resume work, and the crèche tickets, so they have a higher purchasing power.

  • A shorter parental leave means a lesser syncope in activity and faster reassessment.

Company benefits

  • Being useful tools to convince employees to return to work shortly after becoming parents, the big advantage of these vouchers is that the employer will be missing for a shorter time than the expertise of a senior employee in the company.

  • The faster return to work of employees becoming parents who benefit from crèche tickets reduces the additional costs of recruiting, accommodating and training new employees, and re-training those who return to work after a long absence.

  • The amounts provided as nurseries, also known as nurseries, are 100% deductible and exempt from payroll taxes.

Legal framework and legislation