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With the social vouchers Viva Pass you can adapt the social assistance approach to the needs of the assisted people.

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Viva Pass

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Personalizing your social assistance efforts is crucial.


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Advantages of the use of social voucher Viva Pass by the organisations/institutions that are implementing social assistance programs:

  • Advantages of the use of social voucher Viva Pass by the organisations/institutions that are implementing social assistance programs:

    - educating and in the same time giving support to the assisted persons in assuming responsibility for their social reintegration,
    - a secure use of the vouchers due to their security elements,
    - guarantee that the vouchers are used for the purpose allocated in the social program,
    - a real support for the assisted persons, that have a wide network that is permanently adapted to the needs of the social assistance programs,
    - more of time, money and productivity for the current activities of the institution (eliminating the administrative burden of managing support offered in products: buying, packing and distributing).

What's included in the offer?

- Printing the vouchers with nominal value and customer identification data
- Using secure paper
- Packaging and sealing vouchers in a secure plastic package
- Transport through a company specializing in the transport of values and insuring the nominal value throughout the transport
- Delivery of vouchers to the address indicated (door-to-door)
- Access to 20 telephone lines Help Line 021 204 46 46
- Legal, tax and permanent accounting
- Communicating legislative changes and news in the field of extra-salary and motivational benefits, through the Info Pass newsletter dedicated to Sodexo partners

What do extra services include?

It's a perfect system for adapting Sodexo vouchers to your company's specifics, helping you save time and increase your company's productivity:
- Envelope - Packing vouchers in one sealed envelope for each employee / beneficiary
- Nominal - printing the vouchers with the employee's name, surname and CNP
- Text - print a message on vouchers
- Logo - printing a logo on vouchers
- Comparison - dividing vouchers by departments / sections / offices
- Compartis Pack - providing extra-service Comparison with individual envelopes packaged in a sealed plastic package for easier and safer handling
- Navigator - Dividing and delivering vouchers on geographic areas
- Interactive - order online vouchers

Advantages for the assisted persons

  • Advantages for the assisted persons

    -possibility of using the social vouchers in a network of affiliated units, especially created to respond to the needs of the assisted people
    - the beneficiaries of the social vouchers Viva Pass, through the official Sodexo's policy of respecting & protecting the image of the assisted pesons, will be treated with respect and will not be discriminated in the affiliates units where they will choose to use the social vouchers.