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    These terms and conditions of use (together with the documentation mentioned in them) constitute the terms and conditions based on which you can access our website („our website”), as a visitor or a registered user. Using our website includes, without being limited to, accessing, surfing and signing up/logging in to use the website.

    Please read the terms and conditions of use carefully upon accessing the website, as they are applicable for any type of use of the website.

    By accessing our website, you confirm that you accept these terms and conditions of use and agree to observe them.

    If you do not agree with these terms and conditions of use, you have the option of not using our website.

    We reserve the right to organise online competitions, on our own behalf or on behalf of a partner. The conditions associated with every online competition shall be regulated separately, through the contest regulation that shall detail the eligibility criteria and the course of the competition.



    The following shall also apply when using our website: (i) the personal data protection policy that can be found on our website under the following address: https://www.sodexo.ro/en/privacy-policy/ that details the conditions under which we process your personal data, the means of obtaining your consent for this processing, as well as the guarantee of the protection of your personal data and (ii) the policy with regard to cookies that can be found under the following address: https://www.sodexo.ro/en/about-cookies/.



    This is a website operated by Sodexo Pass Romania S.R.L. We are a company registered in Romania with the Trade Registry under no. J 40/9678/1998, unique registration code RO 11071295 and registered office in 5 Fabrica de Glucoza Str., Novo Park, building G (Aerofina building – G2 S+P), ground floor and inferior level, 2nd District, 020331 Bucharest. These terms and conditions also apply to future websites that are to be operated by us.



    We can revise the terms and conditions of use, as well as any applicable terms at any moment by modifying the relevant pages.

    Please check the relevant pages in order to be aware of any modification of the terms and conditions of use, as the respective modifications shall be applied starting with the updating of these terms and conditions.



    We reserve the possibility of updating the website at any moment and of changing its content, However, please take into account that it is possible for our website not to have been updated at the moment of viewing and that we have no obligation to update it in real time.

    We do not guarantee that our website is free of errors or that there shall be no errors or omissions in its content.



    Our website can be accessed for free.

    We do not guarantee that our website and its content shall be accessible permanently, without interruption. We may suspend, withdraw, terminate or modify our website partially or totally without prior notice.  We shall not be liable if our website cannot be accessed, regardless of the reason of the impossibility of access and regardless of the duration of said impossibility.

    You are responsible for executing all the actions necessary from your point of view in order to access the website.

    You are also responsible for ensuring that all the persons accessing our website through your Internet connection are aware of and implement these terms and conditions of use and any other applicable conditions.



    If you choose or receive a user identification code, a password or any other information relating to our website’s security procedure, you must consider any such information as being strictly confidential and not disclose it to any third person.

    We have the right to suspend the use of any user code or any password, whether chosen by you or attributed by us, at any moment if, in our opinion, you have not observed the dispositions of these terms and conditions of use.

    If you know or suspect that anyone other than you knows your user code or password, please notify us as soon as possible via e-mail at info.ro@sodexo.com or via fax at 021 208 91 00.



    We are the owners of intellectual property rights with regard to our website, as well as its content, these rights being protected by national and international legislation in effect.

    Our status as authors of the content of our website must always be acknowledged.

    You cannot not use any part of the content of our website for commercial purposes without getting a licence from us for that purpose.

    If you copy any part of our website on paper or in electronic format, your rights of using our website shall cease immediately and, as a consequence, you shall have to return or destroy any copies of the content of our website.

    We also reserve all rights of using the legal means at our disposal in case of any breech of these terms and conditions.



    The entire content of our website is delivered based on “as available”, “as is” with no guarantee of any kind, be it explicit or implicit, including, but without being limited to, any guarantees of marketability, association for a particular purpose, accuracy and non-breech.  Sodexo Pass Romania S.R.L. does not guarantee the accuracy, degree of completeness, actuality or reliability of any content put at your disposal through our website. Users are responsible for checking any information before relying on it. Using our website and the content available on our website is done at the sole responsibility of the user.


    We shall also not be liable for any prejudice created as a result of a virus, denial of services or distributed denial of services type attack, as well as by any other type of technological material infecting your computer, your IT system, your data as a result of using our website or other websites the links to which can be found on our website.

    We do not accept any liability for the content of the websites that feature links to our website. Such links must not be interpreted as a guarantee from us with regard to the respective websites. We shall not be liable for any prejudice resulting from using such websites.


    1. VIRUSES

    We do not guarantee that our website shall be secured or virus free.

    You are responsible for configuring your IT system, for the computer programs and the platform necessary for accessing our website and for using your own antivirus software.


    You must not use our website in an inadequate way, by introducing viruses, Trojans, worms, logistic bombs or other materials that can create technological problems. You must not try to gain unauthorized access to our website, to the server on which our website is hosted or to any other server, computer or database connected to our website. You must not attack through denial of services or distributed denial of services type attacks. By breeching this disposition, you shall be committing an offence in accordance with Romanian law. We shall report any such breech to the competent investigation authorities and shall cooperate with the authorities by providing them with your identity. In the case of such breech, your right to use this website shall cease immediately.



    You can post a link to the main page of our website, as long as you do it equitably, in a way that does not damage our reputation and does not take advantage of our reputation for personal purposes.

    You must not create a link so as to suggest any form of association, approval or support from us when that is not the case.

    You must not establish a link to our website on a website that does not belong to you.

    Our website cannot be copied in the form of a frame on any website. You also cannot create a link to another page of our website other than the main page.

    We reserve the right to withdraw the right to create links to our website without prior notice.

    If you want to use content from our website aside from the situations above, please contact us via e-mail at info.ro@sodexo.com or via fax at 021 208 91 00.



    Any links to other websites or other resources provided by third persons are only provided for your information. We have no control on the content of these websites or their resources.



    These terms and conditions, as well as any other aspects referring or relating to their content, are governed by Romanian law.

    You agree that the competent courts with regard to any aspect relating to these terms and conditions are the courts in Bucharest, Romania.


    14. BRANDS

    All company names, trademarks, service brands, trade names, logos and emblems are protected by trademark law. None of the content of this website must be interpreted as granting a licence or the right to use any trademark presented on this website without written permission from Sodexo Pass Romania S.R.L. or third parties that may own such brands.


    15. CONTACT

    In order to contact us, please send us an e-mail at info.ro@sodexo.com or a fax at  021 208 91 00.

    Thank you for visiting our website.